Master Cabbie
TLC License Rebates Program

Can Pay For Your

Like Getting Your License FREE**(after rebates)
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One “24” Hour Class    $175
1 WAV (Wheel Chair Class)    $75
1 Defensive Driving Course    $70
1 TLC Exam    $75
Map    $25
Processing    $50
TOTAL:    $470
TLC Application    $258
Finger Prints    $88.50
Drug Test    $26
Medical    $60


TOTAL:    $432.50

TLC License Requirements    $432.50

TLC Training Requirements    $470

Total Costs:    $902.50

REQUIREMENTS FOR LICENSING:   Student/Driver agrees to complete all mandatory training at Master Cabbie Taxi Academy.

REQUIREMENTS FOR REBATES:  The student/driver agrees to complete sixty shifts to qualify for $ 500. rebate. And an additional 60 shifts to qualify for second $ 500. Rebate totaling $1000.00 in rebates.


**After Rebates

** $1000.00 “Rebates” Refers to two(2) $500 payments totaling $1000.00 made to student/driver upon completion of two(2) sixty(60) shift commitments totaling one hundred twenty(120) shifts as a driver with the sponsoring fleet. The student/driver must be in compliance with all requirements for licensure as mandated by the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission to operate a vehicle for hire and in good standing for all payments for training services as required by the Master Cabbie Taxi Academy. Licensing expenses represented are approximately $433.00. Minimum Training Costs represented are $460.00. Specified outlined costs to qualify for $1000.00 rebates are $903.00. Program can be terminated without notice.


Master Cabbie
Taxi Academy


Program Requirements and Restrictions


*** FREE: The term free as presented above and in other “Rebates” program related promotional material refers to the monies spent by the student driver subtracted from the monies remitted by the sponsor to the driver after which the student/driver will have a net positive dollar amount based upon our calculation of expenses and costs as outlined herein.


NYC Licensure: The license required for operating vehicles licensed by the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission is issued by the Commission. Master Cabbie in no way represents that a license will be issued by NYC T&LC nor can we be held responsible if a license is not issued. It is our belief that a student/driver in good standing will achieve licensure upon successful completion of the programs outlined herein. Since 1996 more than one hundred thousand students have attended Master Cabbie training sessions and been issued certifications that have been honored by the NYC T&LC.


THE SPONSOR:  Master Cabbie represents that we have confidence that the sponsor is a credible entity in the transportation industry operating within New York City and surrounding areas and has demonstrated good faith in making this value available to our students in the form of this “Rebates” Program. Master Cabbie in no way guarantees “Sponsor” payments to student/driver. This offer has no cash value, and cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts or promotional incentives with the sponsor. No substitutions or transfers or refunds allowed. see for more details about NY City TLC Licensing process.