Master Cabbie SPECIAL TLC Test

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The test is made up of 40 QUESTIONS, and you have 30 MINUTES to complete it.  Start by entering your info below:

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1. Madison Square Garden is in which borough?
2. What is the minimum age to become a TLC Licensed driver?
3. Which of the following bridges takes you to Queens?
What does this sign mean?
5. Which of these airports is located in New York City?
6. New York City has how many boroughs?
7. What type of car can you operate once you have a valid TLC License?
8. Which street is closest to the Empire State Building?
9. Astoria is a neighborhood in which borough?
10. Which are possible penalties for exceeding the speed limit?
11. The Empire State Building is located in which city?
12. A passenger who travels from Kennedy Airport to Battery Park will pay for the fare:
13. You are taking a passenger to a destination in Westchester County, as a taxicab driver, what is your responsibility?

This sign means:
15. Which is closest to Empire State Building?
16. Which is closest to the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum?
17. Citi Field is located in which borough?
18. MCU Park is located in which borough?
19. What is the name of the organization that issues license to drive taxis in New York City?
20. In a Yellow Taxicab, how does a passenger know how much fare they have to pay the driver at the end of the trip?
21. Do TLC Licensed drivers need to have a valid DMV License in order to operate a TLC Licensed Car?
22. A “No Standing” sign at a certain location means:
23. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is located in which borough?
24. Which of these cars has a roof light?
25. Which of these is NOT a borough in New York City?
26. Which of these bridges in New York City has a toll?
27. In Brooklyn, Metroplitan Ave. intersects Flushing Ave. nearest to:
This sign means:
29. Which is west of Riverside Drive in Manhattan?
This sign means:
This sign means:
This sign means:
33. Which of these streets is closest to Times Square?
34. New York City is located in which state?
35. Flushing Meadows Park is located in which borough?
36. Which of these bridges takes you from Brooklyn to Manhattan?
37. Which is closest to Creedmoor Hospital?
38. In order to obtain a TLC License as a new applicant, do you need to take a valid 24 Hour Course?
39. All of the following vehicles can qualify as TLC Licensed vehicles EXCEPT:
40. Flatbush Avenue is located in which borough?

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