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24 Hour TLC Class – March Madness Special Sale


This is the TLC 24 Hour Course mandated by the Taxi and Limousine Commission of New York City. The 24 Hour Course is taught by an experienced instructor who will prepare you for the computer exam administered by the TLC.


Master Cabbie has been a certified provider of TLC Classes for over 20 years, and we have the best reputation around! The Course consists of 3 Eight Hour Days: New class cycles start every day of the week. Night classes available also.


The class is divided into 3 Main sections that will comprise all the knowledge you will need to pass your exam. The main sections are as follows:

  • Geography of NYC and Map-Reading Skills
  • TLC Rules of the road, driver etiquette, and best practices
  • Customer Service and Vision Zero Initiatives

Course price Includes:

  • Training Manual included
  • TLC Rule Book included

Price: $99**

**Additional test scheduling fee of $50 and 5% processing fee of $8 per reservation applies, it will be added to your order amount.
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