Want to make $5,000 your first month of driving?


Make $1,250 in net fares per week, guaranteed, your first month of driving if you meet all requirements. Make less and the difference will be paid to you*. Must be first activated on or after April 3.

Let us tell you how!


The First step you must take to earn $5,000 your first month is to obtain your TLC LICENSE


These are the requirements for your TLC License:


We can help get your application filed, schedule you for requirements, and sign you up for the classes at one of our convenient locations in Queens or the Bronx.

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AND ONCE YOU HAVE THE LICENSE: You will need to get your UBER Car and join Uber’s driver-partner program. See details below.

*These offers are for new driver-partners only who are first activated April 3, 2017 or after, had not yet completed a first trip in NYC before April 3, 2017, and take a first trip by June 30, 2017. New driver-partners driving green cab are not eligible for these offers.

To receive $5,000 in guaranteed earnings ($1,250/week for 4 weeks), for each of your first four weeks with Uber, beginning Monday 4AM after your activation date, complete 65 trips originating in NYC with 65 unique riders, with 25 of those trips originating in Manhattan below 110th St during peak hours. Peak hours are Mon-Fri 7AM-9AM, 9PM-12AM; Sat-Sun 12AM-3AM, 10AM-5PM. Driver destination trips do not count toward the required trips. Repeat trips with the same riders will not be counted toward your completed trips for the guarantee. Qualification parameters reset at the beginning of each new weekly incentive period. Guaranteed amounts are weekly net fares. Net earnings are net of Uber service fee, Black Car Fund, and sales tax.