Master Cabbie Premium Test

Welcome to the Master Cabbie Premium Practice Test, the BEST way to prepare for the TLC License Exam.

The test is made up of 50 QUESTIONS, and you have 60 MINUTES to complete it.

1. In Manhattan which is closest to the south end of Edgecombe Ave.?
2. In the Bronx which park is nearest to the intersection of Lafayette Ave and Morrison Ave?
3. Which is closest to South Street Seaport?
4. A driver must report a lost or stolen TLC license to the commission within:
5. In Manhattan which is closest to the intersection of Dongan Place and Broadway?
6. Which is closest to 31st Street and Hoyt Ave. in Queens?

Which is not in Manhattan?


In Brooklyn which highway is closest to Flatlands Ave?

9. In a TLC Licensed vehicle the Trip Record must be kept for a period of no less than:
10. In Queens which is closest to 49th Ave. and 21st St.?
11. In Manhattan, which is one block west of Lennox Ave:

In a standard vehicle, how many adult passengers can TLC Licensed Driver transport for-hire?


You want to back out of your driveway but you see children playing nearby, before you start to move your car you should:

14. Which is closest to Peter Cooper Village?
15. A passenger who travels from Kennedy Airport to Battery Park will pay for the fare:

In Manhattan which is closest to Broadway and Park Row?

17. In Brooklyn, Flatbush Avenue and Bedford Avenue cross at:
18. Continental Ave. meets Metropolitan Ave. in which QUEENS neighborhood?
19. In Queens, Booth Memorial Ave. is the south boundary of which park?
20. In Queens which is parallel to Roosevelt Ave?

In Manhattan, the west end of Nagle Ave. is:











This arrow-marked sign warns that:

Cropsey Ave and Bay 8th Street meet nearest to:


24. Which is closest to 81st Street and Central Park West?
25. In Queens, Woodhaven Blvd. and Lefferts Blvd cross at:
26. A “No Standing” sign at a certain location means:
27. In Brooklyn, Kings Highway and Linden Blvd intersect nearest to:
28. MCU Park is located in which borough?
29. If you are approaching a green light and an officer is signaling you to stop, which of the following should you do?
30. You are taking a passenger to a destination in Westchester County, as a taxicab driver, what is your responsibility?
31. Which is closest to the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum?

This sign means:
33. A passenger who travels from Kennedy Airport to Battery Park will pay for the fare:
34. Which direction will you travel from South Street seaport to George Washington bridge?
35. In Brooklyn, Metroplitan Ave. intersects Flushing Ave. nearest to:
36. In Brooklyn, which is nearest to the intersection of Eastern Parkway and Atlantic Ave?
37. Which Queens neighborhood is closest to the east end of Broadway?
38. A taxi driver may refuse to transport which of the following passengers?
39. A driver must not operate or occupy his or her For-Hire Vehicle for at least how many hours after consuming any intoxicating liquor regardless of its alcoholic content, or consuming any drugs?

In Brooklyn, Henry Street is closest to:

41. Once a new TLC driver application is filed, how much time does the applicant have to complete all the requirements?
42. In Manhattan, which of these bridges is at the North end of 1st Avenue?
43. You are travelling on a three lane road and now wish to make a right turn at the intersection. The turn can be made from which lane?
What does this sign mean?
45. Outerbridge Crossing connects:

Which is closest to Bay Ridge?

47. Which are connected by the Goethals Bridge?
48. In Brooklyn, which of these highways is closest to Coney Island?

Which is west of Riverside Drive in Manhattan?

50. In Brooklyn where does 86th Street meet 7th Ave.?

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