Master Cabbie 15 Question Deluxe Test

Welcome to the Deluxe 15 Question Practice Test provided by Master Cabbie.

The test is made up of 15 QUESTIONS, and you have 10 MINUTES to complete it. Start by entering your info below where we WILL SEND YOU YOUR RESULTS:


Which is closest to Bay Ridge?


In a standard vehicle, how many adult passengers can TLC Licensed Driver transport for-hire?


What must a driver do after completing a trip to JFK, LaGuardia, or Newark Airports?


You want to back out of your driveway but you see children playing nearby, before you start to move your car you should:


In Queens what is the nearest highway to Locke Ave?


If involved in a collision while driving a TLC Licensed vehicle you are to:


Which is not in Manhattan?

8. You are going from 116th Street and Broadway in Manhattan to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Which route is best?

In Manhattan, the west end of Nagle Ave. is:

10. You have a passenger in a Street Hail Livery (SHL), the fare for the trip is $4.50. The passenger gives you a $20 bill and you do not have the correct change.  What should you do?

Can a passenger change their destination or route in the middle of their trip?

12. A driver may do which of the following according to the rules:
This sign means:

In a Taxi, which rate code is associated with a trip to Newark Airport?

15. In the Bronx which is closest to the north end of Paulding Ave.?

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