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Quick and simple steps to get a TLC License in NYC:
All New York City Taxi Drivers, FHV (For Hire Vehicle) Drivers, Street Hail Livery (Green Cab) Drivers, Limousine Drivers, Black Car Drivers, App Drivers such as Uber Drivers, Lyft Drivers, Gett Drivers, Juno Drivers as well as community car service drivers must all carry a New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission issued license now known as the UNIVERSAL LICENSE.

The process will take a few weeks, and the cost will be about $600 for everything

Requirements Include:

  • New York State Department of Motor Vehicles Class E Drivers License
  • Complete online application form (C.Card Payment $252. For 3 year license) (Master Cabbie will provide a computer to help you)
  • Attend a six (6) hour Defensive Driving Course within 36 months (Available at Master Cabbie, buy here)
  • Attend a Wheelchair accessible taxicab (WAV) training course (Available FREE at Master Cabbie with paid 24 Hour Class registration)
  • Medical Exam (Appointments available through Master Cabbie)
  • Attend TLC Mandated 24 Hour Training Course(Available at Master Cabbie 7 Days per week)
  • Pass T&LC Taxi – FHV – Car Service Exam ( Online at school location) (Master Cabbie provides testing daily with more than 55 testing stations)

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