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Place of Birth & Place of Residence
TLC Drivers Place of Birth Map - Top 5 Countries

Percentage of drivers by Place of Residence


New York’s diversity is well represented within its driver population. Together, drivers represent 167 countries around the world. The top countries where drivers were born are Bangladesh, the Dominican Republic, the United States, Pakistan,and India. If you’d like to get on the road, we are here to answer your questions.


Nearly one-quarter (24%) of medallion taxi drivers are from Bangladesh, compared to 19% of SHL drivers, 10% of app-based FHV drivers, and only 2% of traditional FHV drivers. Most traditional FHV drivers were born in the Dominican Republic, where 50% of these drivers originate. Over onetenth of both SHL and app-based FHV drivers also come from the Dominican Republic, compared to only 1% of medallion taxi drivers. App-based FHV drivers are most commonly born in the U.S.: 9% of app drivers were born in the U.S., compared to 5% of traditional FHV drivers, 4% of medallion taxi drivers, and 3% of SHL drivers.


TLC-licensed drivers reside both in the boroughs and periphery of New York City. The largest group of drivers resides in Queens (53% of all drivers). Brooklyn holds the second most popular choice of residence, at 24%. This is followed by 16% of medallion drivers living in the Bronx, 8% in Manhattan, and finally, 2% in Staten Island. The remaining 15% of drivers live outside of the city: 6% on Long Island, 6% in New Jersey, and 2% in upstate New York.

Gender Breakdown by Service

Gender breakdown of TLC Drivers by Gender - Female vs Male

Age & Gender

Males make up an overwhelming majority of drivers in all industries. Less than 1% of medallion drivers are female. Slightly more SHL and app-based FHV drivers are female (2% and 3% respectively), while the top 50 traditional FHV companies have the highest female representation, with 4% of active drivers.


Drivers of app-based FHVs are far younger than their counterparts in other industries. The median age for app-based FHV drivers is 39, compared to over 40 for the other three driver types examined. Over a third of app drivers are under 35 (36%), compared to medallion drivers (21%), SHL drivers (21%), and traditional FHV drivers (24%). Over 30% of drivers from the top 50 traditional FHV bases are 55 or older, compated to 29% of medallion taxi drivers, 26% of SHL drivers, and only 13% of appbased FHV drivers.


The largest age group of medallion taxi drivers and the traditional FHV drivers is between 50 and 54 years old. For SHL drivers, the largest group is between 45 and 49 years old. For app-based FHV drivers, more drivers are between the ages of 30 and 34 than any other age group.

Age Distribution of Drivers by Service

Age distribution of TLC Licensed drivers by service

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