Want to Drive Uber?

TLC Licensing Requirments to become an UBER DRIVER are the same as any FHV License in NYC.


To become a driver and get yourself involved in the UBER ride sharing phenomena you will need to be licensed by the City of New York to operate a for-hire vehicle (FHV) or Green Cab/ Street Hail Livery (SHL) or a yellow medallion taxicab..

Currently all drivers use the same License (Universal License).

To obtain the license you must file an application with the City and complete the requirements and be in full compliance with all regulations.


Below is a list of requirements to obtain your TLC License:

All New York City Taxi Drivers, FHV (For Hire Vehicle) Drivers, Street Hail Livery (Green Cab) Drivers, Limousine Drivers, Black Car Drivers, App Drivers such as Uber Drivers, Lyft Drivers, Gett Drivers, Juno Drivers as well as community car service drivers must all carry a New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission issued license now known as the UNIVERSAL LICENSE.

The process will take about a week, and the cost will be about $600 for everything

Requirements Include:

AND ONCE YOU HAVE THE LICENSE: You will need to get your UBER Car or Lyft Car or Gett Car or Juno Car

To Operate and own/manage a TLC Licensed vehicle the requirement is:

  • Current TLC Approved license
  • NY State (or Other) DMV License
  • NY State (or Other) DMV License
  • Complete all TLC mandated training
  • Register with UBER
  • Buy or Lease a car
  • Register car with NYC T&LC

Things to know to drive an UBER CAR

You are going into business for yourself!!

You can work when you want and EARN WHAT YOU NEED

(There are certain hourly and ride volume thresholds that must be met to achieve UBER Bonuses)

Your customers have already paid when you book them ( If you snooze You LOSE)

You have a worldwide organization behind you

See the full TLC List Here

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