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How Much $$ Does Hack License Cost

How MUCH $$ FOR A NYC Hack License


The simple question of HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO GET A N.Y.C. TAXI DRIVERS (Hack) LICENSE is not really that simple. An approximate amount of $550 (spread between the seven steps) which is about the least one can spend in the process, and does not allow for, or explain the six or seven steps that must be followed. Steps which begin with changing the class of your license to a NY State Class E, attending a 6 hour defensive driving course, having a doctor examine you and filling out the NYC TLC required medical form, visiting the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission licensing facility in Queens where you will be interviewed, fingerprinted and then sent for a drug test. And, after all of this, all you have to do is attend the mandatory taxi classes and finally, you must pass the exam…The Exam?? Yes the Taxi Operators written exam which includes map reading, rules and regulations, defensive driving and of course Geography.


But for some people the simple is not so simple. The allure of a short class at a low price outweighs the reality of needing to REALLY SPEND TIME STUDYING to prepare for the exam and TO BE READY TO DRIVE A TAXI and MAKE MONEY.


Many applicants join an open ended program that allows for part time studying while also offering intense test prep, taught by a Veteran NY City Taxi Driver who knows how to connect the dots between driving and making money to success in the test room. The “Unlimited” programs have tremendous value to the “Newbie”, new to the City or someone who is simply not well versed in the Cities geography.  


Below are explanations for the fees and the programs. The first example includes a three day class which has a tuition of $150. As you have already read this is the least of your worries. Once completed, you will have spent about $550 for required City Application fees for a course that is designed for former taxi drivers and persons with an exceptional knowledge of the City, its landmarks, neighborhoods, highways, bridges etc.


Is it enough classroom time? Is this program right for you? If it is give it a go. IF NOT see if the unlimited works for you…It will allow you to prepare for the exam and the job without the burden of time constraint. Of course you want to proceed quickly, and many students will finish in one class cycle, pass the exam with good scores and be on there way. BUT the student who needs a second or third week or in some cases six weeks is protected by the unlimited feature allowing them to attend the very specific geography presentations taught in the unlimited programs “Test Prep” class.


Mandatory Expenses:


$ 40… Approx. Change NY State License Class to E

$ 60… 6 Defensive Driving Class

$ 40… Doctor

$ 84… TLC Application Fee

$ 75… Finger Prints

$ 26.... Drug Test


$ 260.50 Total Fees and Expenses Does Not include Mandatory Taxi Class Or Exams or Practice Tests


$ 22… Five Borough Indexed Atlas (Must be in every NYC Taxi Cab)

$ 25… NY City taxi Operators Examination Reservation (Must complete within 4 months of Application)

$ 25… Full practice Test (Very Similar to NYC TLC Official Exam) Suggested to gauge your readiness

$75 .....Wheelchair Accessible Taxicab Sensitivity Training for all new drivers of Yellow Cabs or Green(Borough Street Hail) Cabs.



$ 150     24 Hour Class….3 eight hour classes. The Minimum requirement. ONLY recommended for former taxi drivers and persons with very good knowledge of NYC Landmarks, Parks, Hospitals, Highways, Water Crossings. NYC TLC suggests that applicants attending the 80 Hour Program have a much better chance of passing the TLC Exam. Total with fees: $480.50


$ 325     80 Hour Class….9 eight hour classes. A solid program, for new comers, who have no language challenge. This course is only provided in 9 consecutive eight hour segments Monday – Friday with exam on second Friday. Practice test and maps are NOT included in fee. Cost For this program including NYC Fees: $655…Suggested extras include 5 borough atlas, 2 practice tests, address “Slide” Guide approx $77.


$ 895    Unlimited Program:  A combination course included the mandatory courses and a Special Test Preparation program provided on a part time basis allowing students to attend prior to application. This program includes: 5 Borough Atlas, Training Manual, NYC Taxi Driver Rule Book, Loan of Master Cabbie “RED” Book (Contains copies of 500+ pertinent testing questions for practice. Return day of Exam).

2 Free Practice Tests, 1 TLC Final Exam Reservation, 1 Free 24 Hour Class, Unlimited access to the Special Class taught by the Master Cabbie which highlights all known test questions for Map reading, Geography and Rules. STUDENTS CAN ATTEND AS MANY CLASSES AS THEY WANT on a part or full time basis until they are ready for the exam…THIS PROGRAM HAS EXCEPTIONAL PASS RATE and tentative guarantee. Guarantee refers to achieving certain scores on practice exams conducted by Master Cabbie prior to attending the City’s exam.


MASTER CABBIE RECOMMENDS THIS PROGRAM for all applicants who wish to have an EXCEPTIONAL ENTRY LEVEL knowledge of the City on the first day of driving. Total cost including NYC Fees: $955.

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New York City Five Borough Indexed Atlas

New York City Five Borough Indexed Atlas


N.Y.C. Gepography FLASH CARDS

USed by Master Cabbie Students to prepare!!


Wheelchair Access Taxi Training

Wheelchair Access Taxi Training


New York New York, Address Slide Guide

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Out of town rate book

Out of town rate book

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